Region 3 Elite Athlete Bio Submission

If you will be competing at the Youth, Open, Junior or Senior Elite level this competition season, please fill out the Elite Bio Form by clicking the page link below. Don't forget to attach a recent photo. Your online bio will then be posted here on the Region 3 website prior to the Region 3 Championships.

We want you to write a paragraphical bio that reads as if you were introducing yourself to the rest of the Region 3 organization. It should be written from a first person point of view. You can include anything you like but some suggestions are information regarding:

1. National and International competitions you have participated in with results.
2. Your gym, coach, and where you live.
3. Levels and events you compete, favorite events, etc.
4. Your education
5. Your Family
6. How this sport has influenced your life
7. Anything else you feel is appropriate to your bio

You may want to compose your bio in a word processor first, then copy it into the bio form. Please keep it short, at around 10 lines of text (in your word processor) or around 100 words. (Most word processors have a word count that will analyze your text)

When you are ready to submit your bio, click the "Elite Bio Form" link below. Remember to attach a recent photo.

Elite Bio Form