Urgent Message from Regional Director

Hi Coaches,

Okay, panic and pandemonium are about to set in.  I have several problems!  First the volunteers this year are few and far between.  I had some sign up....and I did assignments and now they have had to back out for one reason or another.  Also the group that normally spots for me is unable to help this year and I have tried for two weeks to find an organization to help out.....but to no avail!!!!
So.......I NEED HELP!  So here is what we are going to do.  If you volunteer at the 2010 regional championships, your name will go in a drawing to win your National entry fee this year.  I will draw for 5 prizes.  All of them 100% of your national entry fee paid.  They must volunteer for an entire session in order to be eligible for the drawing.  They also will get a wristband to get them into the competition ALL weekend for FREE.
So let's get out there and get some volunteers.  If I don't get volunteers then we will have to resort to assigning clubs assignments.
If you could send me names and their email addresses NO later than this Sunday so that I can do a volunteer schedule before I leave for Fort Worth that would be awesome.
Thanks in advance for your help