Region 3 Clinic Photos posted

Photos from the 2010 Region 3 Clinic have been posted on the Photos page

Safety/Risk Management Course to be Offered in January

Patti has scheduled a course for those needing Safety/Risk Managment Certification. The course will be offered on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at Ready Set Go in Lubbock. USAG requires a minimum of 10 participants in order to conduct this course so all those needing this course are encourage to pre-register online (use course code PC01092011TX) to ensure that we meet the minimum participation.

2011 USAG Events

The USAG Calendar has been updated with events for 2011. All events and dates are currently tentative.

2010 Region 3 Championship Photos Posted

Region 3 would like to thank Champion Images, the official photographer of the 2010 Region 3 Championships, for providing photos from the event. You can view these photos by clicking on the “2010 R3C Photos” link on the left hand side of this page.

2010 Region 3 Championship Results Posted

The competition results have been posted on the “Competition Results” page. The team results have been posted on the downloads page of the 2010 Region 3 Championships site. [ link ]

Urgent Message from Regional Director

Hi Coaches,

Okay, panic and pandemonium are about to set in.  I have several problems!  First the volunteers this year are few and far between.  I had some sign up....and I did assignments and now they have had to back out for one reason or another.  Also the group that normally spots for me is unable to help this year and I have tried for two weeks to find an organization to help out.....but to no avail!!!!
So.......I NEED HELP!  So here is what we are going to do.  If you volunteer at the 2010 regional championships, your name will go in a drawing to win your National entry fee this year.  I will draw for 5 prizes.  All of them 100% of your national entry fee paid.  They must volunteer for an entire session in order to be eligible for the drawing.  They also will get a wristband to get them into the competition ALL weekend for FREE.
So let's get out there and get some volunteers.  If I don't get volunteers then we will have to resort to assigning clubs assignments.
If you could send me names and their email addresses NO later than this Sunday so that I can do a volunteer schedule before I leave for Fort Worth that would be awesome.
Thanks in advance for your help

Another Update from Chad Ganaway

To Region 3:

First of all we would like to say THANK YOU to all who prayed for us and continue to do so.  We would also like to say THANK YOU to anyone who has donated financially to us!  We have experienced GOD's LOVE in so many ways since this terrible accident on November 28th,2009. One of the most incredible ways we have experienced GOD's LOVE is through the people that HE put in our corner.  God has done AMAZING things for us since the accident. Chelsea who was said to probably never be the same by the doctors in Odessa, is ALREADY well enough to return to work part time today (3-24-2010)  Her progress has been MIRACULOUS!  She was in a coma for a week and the right side of her body was paralyised for about 3 weeks to a month.  This morning she went and worked out and did 2 miles on the EFX machine.  She has been to every meet with me this year, she is cooking, she has done zumba, she has been HEALED by our AWESOME GOD!!  I have been through 4 surgeries now on my left arm, although I did start therapy yesterday.  I believe I am about to pay for all the frog jumps I have given my athletes. :)  It is CRAZY how weak your body can get if it is not used. My arm is very stiff and very weak right now.  I believe though by the time Regionals rolls around I will be back in the weight room!! 


If you are on facebook you can add me and there is an AWESOME slide show that shows pictures of the accident, injuries, and recovery!  It is very moving!  Just add me as a friend if you want to see it.

Much Success to all, as you prepare for state and regionals!  We look forward to seeing you all!!  Take Care and God Bless!!

Chad M.Ganaway
Ephesians 3:20

P.S. - Chelsea and I got married on March 13th, 2010!!!!!

2010 Region 3 Championships Info Posted

Information regarding the 2010 Region 3 Championships in Fort Worth, TX has been posted. There is an website dedicated to this event. Find the link by clicking on the “2010 Championships” tab on the left side of this page.

USAG T&T Names Fairland Classic as Elite Qualifier

The Fairland Classic will be held March 6-7 in Laurel, MD and has been named as the first qualifier for Visa Championships.  The competition will replace the Winter Classic normally hosted by USA Gymnastics at this time of year.  Junior and Senior Elite athletes may also earn points at the Fairland Classic toward Junior and Senior National Team rankings.  The meet is hosted by Fairland Gymnastics, and Konstantin Gulisashvili is the contact for meet information.  Click the links to access the Fairland Classic info [http://kgymnastics.com/news/?page_id=937], the Elite Code of Points [http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/post.php?PostID=4724&prog=t] for information on qualifying to Visa Championships and Selection Procedures [http://www.usa-gymnastics.org/tt/pages/selection_procedures.php] for Junior and Senior National Team.

Welcome to 2010!

As you can see, new year, new site, new information. The website has been updated with 2010 calendar information. Info on the 2010 Region 3 Championships is coming soon.