An Update from Chad Ganaway

Hey all,

As most of you know Chelsea and I were in a horrible car accident coming home from thanksgiving.  We spent 2 weeks in Odessa, in which Chelsea was in ICU for 4 days and then in the hospital the rest of the time with a severe brain injury.  My left forearm was shattered and i underwent two surgeries.  I have plates and screws and 2 pins in my wrist.  My physical injuries are NOTHING compared to the emotional pain I am in for Chelsea.  Jesus is starting to work on that for me, but it is still not easy not knowing what the future holds for your life and your loved one.

Chelsea has made progress and we are now back in Victoria for the first time since Thanksgiving.  Chelsea is at a neuro rehab center called  Warm Springs in Victoria.  I am back at my house for the first time without Chelsea.  This is EXCRUCIATING!  I miss her more than any word in any language can describe.  She has taken care of me for 8 years and the thought of not having her here when I come home from the gym at night is very difficult for me right now. 

We have a LONG tough road ahead of us.  I ask that you will all pray and spread the word to anyone that you know that will pray for complete restoration to Chelseas mind and body.  She is a wonderful girl and has never hurt a soul.  I assure you she is one of the last people on earth that deserves something like this. 

God has and is working miracles for us already.  We really should not be alive.  The pictures and how the accident happened are proof of that.  HE SAVED US FOR A REASON.  Now we just have to get Chelsea better so we can allow him to lead us into that reason. 


If anyone wants to know how they can help there has been a couple of different funds set up for us.  One is at any Wells Fargo.  You will have to tell the tellers that the fund was opened in New Mexico under BIlly Ganaway, the fund is called the Chad and Chelsea fund.  Some have had trouble with this one as not all tellers are the smartest people on the planet, but the fund does exsist.

Another fund has been set up by West Texas TNT, contact Patti for info on that one, I'm not real sure about it. 

We DO NOT expect anything from anybody, but all help is GREATLY appreciated as I won't be able to do any tumbling privates for quite sometime and who knows when Chelsea will work again.  And we won't even discuss medical bills :)!

Thank you all for your concern and prayers, please keep them coming, I MISS MY BABY DEARLY,


Chad Ganaway in Car Wreck

Chad Ganaway, Coach of South Texas Elite, and his fiance were seriously injured in a car wreck near Odessa, TX this morning. They need your prayers as she is in a coma and he is having surgery today. We will post updates on their condition as they become available. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers in the upcoming days and weeks.

Results From 2009 Championships Posted

The competition results from the 2009 Region 3 Championships in Lubbock, Texas have been posted. You can view the results by clicking on the "Competition Results" tab on the right hand side of the page. Team results have been posted on the 2009 Championships website and are available here.

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Jr. & Sr. Elite Bio Deadline April 10th

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Region 3 iPhone site created

We now have an iPhone optimized website with all J.O routines, a calendar, mobility and national qualification scores, and a news page so that you can get to this information quickly from your iPhone, iPod touch or other mobile device with a web browser. Simply go to www.usag-region3.org/iphone to view it. If you add this page to your home screen it will place a Region 3 logo button on your phone (iPhone/iPod touch only).

Comp Cards posted

We have placed an Excel file containing comp cards that are updated for the new pass requirements on our downloads page.

Updated Funding Policies Posted

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Welcome 2009!

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